How to write a hit record deal

The mythical record deal is the end-all, be-all for aspiring recording artists: If you can just get that record deal, your troubles are over forever. You can perhaps hear the snickers from the artists who have actually had a record deal. Secondly, because of the ongoing upheaval in the record industry, the labels are not taking nearly as many risks with their money.

How to write a hit record deal

There is a lot of very valuable information in this article, so if you find it useful, please share it on your favourite social networking website E. The reason this guide came about is because the old method of getting signed to a record label has died out.

It used to be enough to simply have a talent and bump into the right person, but not any more.

how to write a hit record deal

Despite the old methods not working anymore, when you do a search for how to get signed to a record label, you still see articles giving outdated advice.

This article aims to change that. Before I go any further, I want to look at why you might want to get a record deal. This is after all a site for independent musicians, teaching them how to handle all business aspects of the music industry by themselves. Being an independent musician can be very rewarding.

You can work with who you want, and you have full creative control. It is perfectly possible to make a decent income from your music without the help of a record label, but in all honesty, there is only so far you can go. The thing is, promoting your music to a mainstream audience can cost a LOT of money.

The type of money is can cost to run a successful campaign will cost thousands and thousands, and is more then most independent musicians can afford. If you had a record label however, they could help fund this money for you. They will also have links to the bigger companies you need to make everything work E.

While you can make a good living not signing to a record label, if you want to pass a certain level of success they may come in handy. If you want to prove to a record label you are worth getting signed, you first need to show them you can make it without them.

In other words, you have to do all the promotional work, getting shows, and more all by yourself. If you then reach a level where you have a good amount of fans behind you and you can prove that these fans make you money, you have a much better chance of getting offered a record deal.

In fact, record labels will start approaching you as they will want a piece of the action. Simply put, you need to learn. You can join a course like the IMA Music Business Academysaving you time learning everything yourself through trial and error.

By building up your music business knowledge, you will be able to start making money from your music and drawing in crowds. Once you have a good amount of numbers behind you, record labels will start to take notice. From here, you can get your first recording deal.

Here are a few things you need to prove to them… 1:You are listening to "I write the songs" here on BBC Radio Wales, with me, Alan Thompson. And I'm delighted to say my special guest on the programme today, having a chat about his lengthy career and playing some live music, we've popped up to London today to Maida Vale Studios here in London to meet the one and only Mr Eric Stewart.

A few years ago a very gifted Hispanic artist finally landed his dream "record deal." As a singer-songwriter, this artist can sing and write eloquently and flawlessly in not one -- .

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